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Best 5 Engineering Colleges In Karnataka

Best 5 Engineering Colleges In Karnataka

Karnataka is called “Mysore Area”. The state Karnataka was established on 1 November 1965. It is organized in the southwest district of India. Karnataka’s capital city in Bangalore is the home of several of the most prestigious foundations in the area of the building. Part of the estimated universities of Karnataka is the National Institute of Technology, Bangalore Institute of Technology and some others.

According to 2011 data, Karnataka’s average proficiency rate is 76% In this, we have refreshed the stay of top engineering colleges in Karnataka in 2017. In Karnataka, there are various government and private schools which have four years of Bachelor of Arts Presenting the Technology (B Tech) program. Here at, we have recorded the best designing schools in Karnataka.


Best 5 Engineering Colleges In Karnataka

The National Institute of Technology (NIT),

Surathkal was created by the legislature of India on 6th August 1960. Support is supported by MHHD and there is a self-sustaining basis foundation was already known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College (KREC). It is one of India’s 30 NITs and is considered as an institution of national importance. The grounds spread over 295 sections of land in the Srinivasan city on the National Highway 66 from the Arabian Sea coast. This property is located approximately 22 km from Mangalore to Udupi. The ground is located near Mangalore Railway Station, Universal Air Terminal, and Ship Port. Very open for the grounds, roads, rail, and air.

Universal Institute of Information Technology 

commonly known as IIIT-B, IIIT-B is a reputable university, which was created in 1999 as a private engineering graduate college in Bangalore. The bases are supported by AICTE and considered by the UGC. In the year 1995, it was presented as Deemed to be a university. IIT-B has been upgraded by Karnataka’s IT business and administration. The ground was located in ITPL until 2003. After this, the properties have been transferred to their current area in Electronic City, Bangalore. Electronic City has many important businesses like Wipro, Infosys, Infotech, Siemens, and Flextronics. The base is located on Hosur Road, Bangalore, which is called Silicon Valley.

National School College of Engineering (RVCE)

is a co-educative and personal foundation. It was created in 1963 by the National Education Sammita Trust. School Visvesvaraya University of Technology (VTU), affiliated with Belgaum, has accepted the self-reliance of scholars in class for all postgraduate courses. The grounds have a design and PC app division. All divisions are licensed by AICTE, COA, and NBA. The union of India has been recognized as a center of excellence. This property has 11 designing offices, a PC application division and an engineering office. Spread over an area of 52 sections of land, they reach the banks of Vrbabhakti river. This property is located on Mysore Road, 13 km from Bangalore City, which is called Silicon Valley. The Kejri railway station is one of the closest to school.

PES University

was established by the Public Education Society (PES) in the name of PES Institute of Technology in 1988, as a foundation of private and self-financing. In the year 2013, it was accepted as a private university by the UGC and named as “PES University”. This college is training in building, management and life sciences and medical fields. All design courses are confirmed by AICTE. The base is located at 100 feet ring street in Banashankari, in the urban area of Bangalore city. First of all, the property has started in a leased entertainment center in Bangalore. There are six unique pieces followed by one after the other in the field.

Manipal Institute of Technology

is known as MIT Manipal. It was founded in 1957 as one of India’s leading private and self-financing institutions. The organization is helpful as an essential part of the component of Manipal University. It is believed by AICTE that the basis of the basis by the then Chief Minister of Mysore S. Nijalingappa was introduced. Over 65 miles north of Meenangore is spread over 188 lands of land. MIT Manipal has located 5 km from Udupi Railway Station. The ground includes ten educational structures and squares, 21 different pieces and Kamath circle buildings. Properties have three doors.



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