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Deleted phone contacts accidentally? Know how to restore in Google Contacts | Technology News

New Delhi: With the advent of mobile telephony, gone are the days when you would write down the details of your contact. However, with modern technology, comes modern challenges.

It may sometimes so happen that people may accidentally delete contacts on their android phone. But if they are using Google Contacts, there is still hope at the end of the tunnel.

Android users can, restore their contacts within 30 days of losing them if they are using Google Contacts. 

Here is how you can restore deleted contacts in Google Contacts.

  • Go to Google Contacts in your browser. 
  • Click ‘gear icon’ near your profile picture.
  • You will find this on the top right of your screen. 
  • Two options will pop up.
  • Select Undo changes.
  • Choose the right time frame, i.e when you would want to restore the changes.
  • Select your preferred option from the list.

  • Now, click your restore button.

The Google support page says that contacts can be restored only if they have been deleted within 30 days from Google Account. Meanwhile, contacts Deleted from Device memory or Sim card will not be recovered.

Additionally, contacts can’t be restored from a device memory or Sim card when they are synced with native Contacts. Contacts can be restored from other Android Device / Account  from the last time they Synced in Contacts.

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