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Google’s ‘Play Store’ cleaning, deleted 7 million apps

Google’s ‘Play Store’ cleaning, deleted 7 million apps

Google has removed 7 million apps from the Android Play Store last year.Google’s ‘Play Store’ cleaning, deleted 7 million apps, is the reason The company has removed these apps due to a violation of the Play Store policy.

Not only that Google has removed 1 million developers from the Play Store, which was not right. These were developers who upload obscene, malware apps and applications that are against Google’s policy.

Google has said on his blog that the number of app deletions in 2017 is 70 percent higher than in 2016. Last year Google had stated that the company intends to machine learning to scan bad apps on Google Play. Not only this, the company also created strategies to detect malware.

The blog says, “We have not only removed the app but we are also capable of identifying and withdrawing them. 99 percent of these apps were of porn content that was removed before someone was installed.

It is worth mentioning that Google last year launched Google Play Protect. According to the company, it is in 2 billion devices and it scans hidden malware in the app.

There were also deleted applications which could be called copycat. These apps look like a real app, and the user is deemed as a real person and downloads them fraudulently. Play Protect actually scans the installed app on Android.

Despite all this, smartphones have the highest malware attack in the Android Play Store and apps. Although the iPhone App Store is secure in these cases.

Google’s ‘Play Store’ cleaning, deleted 7 million apps

Google removed 700,000 apps, removed 100,000 developers

Over 700,000 Android apps were deleted from Google Play Store Increasing their battle against malicious apps and malicious developers, Google has removed more than 700,000 Android apps from the Play Store, and even last year 100,000 developers have taken down.

Google Play product manager Andrew Ehanney said that they remove 70% more apps that have been violating Google Play policies in 201% of apps removed in 2016.


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Bad app

99% of apps were identified, which were rejected even before installation.Ah said that they identify the bad apps and have taken action against them first; 99% of “offensive content” can be identified and users can be rejected before installing them.

In order to identify repeat criminals and malicious developer networks. Google also developed new technologies and detection models. Google said that it will continue to upgrade its model so that action against “bad actors” is in an attempt to deceive users.

The copy app is still a problem on the Play Store

In a Google blog post, AH has written that “imitation apps” – designed similar to other popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, or Banking App – have to be a “popular way” to cheat Android users.

They deceive users by misleading methods such as “using confusing Unicode characters or hiding app icons that hide in a different location”. According to the ego, more than 250,000 duplicate apps were vacated last year.

Many apps with obscene content like porn were removed

In order to remove an app promoting/containing inappropriate content (obscenity, excessive violence, hate, illegal activities), Google used a superior machine learning model to trick through a large number of app submissions and violate them Flagged for

It took “Tens of thousands of apps” down to its upgraded detection methods last year.In early January, Google removed 60 gaming apps (meanings for some children) because they had pornographic advertisements.

50% reduction in PHA established rates in Google Play Defense

Google told the launch of Play Protect which included all malware scanning and detection technologies integrated – last year the annual PHA (potentially harmful application) was reduced by 50% year after year.

PHA are apps that contain malware that can harm users and their devices PHA contains apps that are responsible for SMS fraud, phishing user information, or who act as Trojans.

So friends were some things that Google’s ‘Play Store’ cleaning, deleted 7 million apps. Hopefully, you must have liked this article of yours today. If you have any questions, please comment down to us and we will try and answer your questions as soon as possible Thank you.

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