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India’s fastest supercomputer ‘Pratyush’

India’s fastest supercomputer ‘Pratyush’

A supercomputer, titled ‘Pratyush’, has been introduced at Pune’s Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, to help anticipate climate designs all the more precisely. Dedicated ‘Pratyush’, which means the sun, the High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility has been established at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune. (Illustrative Photo) Union Minister for Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan committed India’s fastest and first ‘multi-petaflops’ supercomputer to the country here. Petaflops is a measure of a computer’s handling speed.


The IITM discharge included that the facility would help the nation with better conjectures as far as storm, extraordinary occasions, torrents, typhoons, seismic tremors, air quality, lightning, angling, hot and chilly waves, surge and dry spell among others. This facility will likewise be utilized as a part of coordination with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and other climate checking foundations, to advance better climate observing practices and an enhanced climate anticipating framework.

This is India’s second HPC unit. The principal unit, introduced at National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), Noida, help climate offices in giving everyday figures. These supercomputers will enable climate examination to achieve universal measures, and accomplish enhanced expectations and notices of catastrophic events.

India's fastest supercomputer 'Pratyush'

India’s fastest and first multi-petaflops (PF) supercomputer named Pratyush was divulged at Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM). The supercomputer has been named as ‘Pratyush’ which means Sun.


It will help India with better estimates as far as storm, outrageous occasions, tornados, waves, quakes, air quality, lightning, angling, hot and icy waves, surge and dry spell among others.

India’s fastest supercomputer ‘Pratyush’

Key Facts

Supercomputer Pratyush will be a national facility for enhancing climate and atmosphere conjectures and administrations under the umbrella of the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). Pratyush has 6.8 PF computational power introduced at two MoES Institutes. 4.0 PetaFlops HPC facility at IITM, Pune, and 2.8 PetaFlops facility at NCMRWF, Noida. (PF is a measure of a computer’s preparing speed).

India's fastest supercomputer 'Pratyush'

Pratyush is fourth fastest supercomputer on the planet devoted to climate and atmosphere explore. It takes after supercomputing machines in Japan, US and United Kingdom. It will enhance rankings of Indian supercomputer from 300s to 30s in Top500 list, a regarded worldwide tracker of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

The key capacity of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility will be rainstorm determining to utilize a dynamical model which requires reenacting climate for given month and letting custom-manufactured model figure the effect of real climate over coming months. It will empower to outline in India at a resolution of 3 km and globe at 12 km.

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