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Super Blood Moon 10 things related to Total Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon

Super Blood Moon 10 things related to Total Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon

today we are going to discuss on Super Blood Moon  10 things related to Total Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon.

Total Lunar Eclipse: 10 things associated with Super Blood Moon and Blue Moon. That you may not know.


Super Blood Moon 10 things related to Total Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon

  •  During the Lunar Eclipse, the distance between the Moon and Earth is the lowest, which is approximately 223,000 miles (359,000 Km).


  •  The Lunar Eclipse will begin at the beginning of the time of its peak (three in a straight line) starting from about 6 to 25 minutes and will last about 7:25 an hour.


  • According to the researchers, Indian superstitions believe that nothing should be eaten on the basis of the Total Lunar Eclipse and in reality, it does not have any scientific basis.


  • Total Lunar Eclipse This happens when the sun comes in between the sun and the moon and the red shadow made from the atmosphere of the Earth falls on the Moon, from which the Super Blood Moon is formed.


  •  When the moon approaches the earth, surely it will be a bustling in the sea. When the moon approaches the earth, there is the possibility of rising in the waves of river and river, due to the overwhelming growth of the moon, but there is no such thing to be alarming.

When You Can Watch Full Blood Moon in India | When can you see Lunar Eclipse in India?

  •  After 1982, such a sense is not made when all three are in a straight line and it is believed that there is no such possibility again before the year 2037.


  •  According to Research, Total Lunar Eclipse can be seen after 5 to 20 minutes of shade throughout India.


  • If seen, Lunar Eclipse is of three types Total Eclipse, Partial Eclipse, and Penumbral Eclipse from which

Total Eclipse: Total Eclipse is very amazing because the sun’s radiation falls on the Moon through the Earth’s atmosphere which is red, which is also called Super Blood Moon.

 Partial Eclipse:  In the partial Eclipse, the shadow of earth falls on just a few parts of the Moon. The main reason for this happening is that Suraj Dhari Chandra is not in a straightforward way, due to which there is Partial Eclipse.

Penumbral Eclipse:

The Lunar Eclipse in Penumbral Eclipse is less visible. Because only a part of the shadow of the earth falls on the moon. Which is not completely visible.

  • The particular thing about lunar eclipse is that it can be seen from any dark part of the world in the night time, from a select place like Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse can be seen only before sunrise or after sunset, while not so with Solar Eclipse.


  • It is believed that there is no harm in seeing the Lunar Eclipse with the naked eyes, it is considered completely safe, while the security of the solar eclipse is considered to be safe.


this all about the Super Blood Moon 10 things related to Total Lunar Eclipse and Blue Moon


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