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The best calendar app for Android

The best calendar app for Android 

Google Calendar is installed as standard on most Android devices, but is there a better option? We have tested many available calendar apps but we have found that this is the best app for the Android device.

The best calendar app for Android

Google Calendar (Free)

With the Microsoft Exchange, which makes it right, if you have many calendars that are spread across different work and home accounts and require an app to display them all, the sidebar of the app lets you choose quickly and easily. Calendars are visible,google-calendar Toggle and close them with a single tap, and if you use it you can also choose to show Google Reminders

This schedule provides a full range of different viewing options including day, 3-day, week and month; And tapping the down arrow at the top of the screen displays a partition view, so you Can jump on another date quickly To add a new entry, you just tap the ‘+’ button, but one important advantage of Google Calendar is that you can also define the details of an event using virtual assistants installed on most Android devices. Happens – just say “OK Google”.

The app also recognizes ‘natural language’, which means that when you write (or speak) names, times and places, Google suggests relevant information to help complete the entry If you allow it, it will also add events such as flights and other appointments from your Gmail inbox.

Solo calendar

Sol calendar separates itself from other calendars created by small developers in this period because it is completely free, so you will not be bothered by pop-ups that will ask you to upgrade to Pro version. Like Google Calendar, it supports all popular calendar formats (including exchanges) and doubles as a to-do list tool

Can be synced with Google Tasks

The app’s interface is simple and easy to use and provides three different views, which can be easily accessed by swiping left and right. Its exceptional features are that it shows the weather Forecast next week next week; And, every morning, it sends a notification to notify you Summary of the next day. Personal Target Sol Calendar also offers an excellent range of widgets and lets you mark important events with stickers, so they are easy to spot at a glance.

Today Calendar (Paid)

Today’s Calendar is a very intuitive app that has a great looking design that reminds you of Google Calendar, like your opponent, you can choose from split, agenda, day, week, and just like your opponent.

Month view There is also a view of ‘Invitation’ (reaching down on the sidebar) in which the summary of all the events you have been invited (as opposed to as you have created yourself)

Filters for open, approved, not confirmed and rejected.

If you need to change your feedback on the invitation, this is the fastest way to do this. We especially like the ‘busybody’ of the calendar today, which helps you to look at a glance, how busy you are on any day, so you can quickly find out that it is time to squeeze in any other meeting. or not.


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