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Top 5 Reasons why Big Boss lost in Top 2 of 11 Hina Khan

Top 5 Reasons why Big Boss lost in Top 2 of 11 Hina Khan:

On January 14, the Big Boss 11th season has ended. Shilpa Shinde has become the winner of the Big Boss-11. Hina Khan dropped so close to the trophy They had to be satisfied by becoming the first runner-up. Fans preferred Shilpa more than Hina Khan, who came to Fame from the TV show “This relation is called”.
While announcing the name of Winner, Salman Khan had said that there was little difference between the votes of both. But the question arises as to why Heena lost in Top 2 and lost. Let’s know what was the reason for the defeat of Hina.



Top 5 Reasons why Big Boss lost in Top 2 of 11 Hina Khan

In the show, Hina was seen to be inconsistent in front of the popularity of Shilpa Shinde. Every time a guest arrives in the house, she praises Shilpa and her game was appreciated. Hina Khan gradually became immersed by this fact. After the Bibi Mall Task, Hina was convinced that Shilpa is going to be a winner. Seeing the fancy of Shilpa’s fans at the mall in Mumbai, Hina became much more intelligent and she accepted her defeat in a manner. He showed development in the show saying there were many fences in Shilpa’s mall.

Hina’s big boss with a direct and simple image of TV got different looks in the Big Boss. In the reality show, she looked completely upozit of her character. He looked quite loud and aggressive in the Big Boss. His finesse did not come to the fiance. Frequently they were seen giving controversial statements. He has been the first contestant who has been in constant controversy in the show. Trolling police remained behind every time Hina was behind He was fiercely criticized on social media. Hena was very heavy to say without speaking and candid.hina-khan

If this season did not have Shilpa Shinde in Hina’s competition, she might win Winner’s trophy. But his stardom falls shortly before Bhilji Shilpa Shinde. These two strong contenders were often seen fighting each other in the show. In front of Hina’s loud image, the audience liked Shilpa’s innocence and quiet person. Hina has been in the TV industry for 8 years and Shilpa has been for 15 years. Surely, more fan following of Shilpa is following. Hina had to suffer because of her weaknesses.

Hina played with all the tasks in Big Boss with hard work and honesty. His love, Priyank, got into the show. But he was also seen to fight Hina. He was left alone in most parts of the game. Because of his straightforward and aggravating nature, he kept on targeting the family. In the show, Hina could not prove Shilpa and leadership like Vikas.

Hina was named Drama Queen and Cry Baby. He looked more like reacting to things Due to being more emotional about more rituals and talk-over than other contests, the audience noticed them weakly. Hina had an emotional breakdown when her boyfriend Rocky came in the house. He looked to Rocky to take them. Hina’s attitude did not like the Fan’s attitude here.

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