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Top Five Kung Fu School in China

Top Five Kung Fu School in China:

Hello everyone, today I am going to share some interesting facts on top five Kung Fu schools in China.

Top Five Kung Fu School in China


Shaolin Tagou Wushu School

In 1978, this school was inaugurated, Shaolin Taegu Martial Arts Institute is a school dedicated to the development of the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. The aim of this institute is to propagate the back of Shaolin Wushu.And course activities outlined by the institute. The institute is now famous for achieving the world with the philosophy and martial techniques of this art, which is derived from Vidya.

This institution has been honored by many media with the largest, most professional and effective Shaolin Kung Fu Institute in China. Recently, this institute is the only Wushu training institute in China, which is not authorized by the Ministry of Education, but directed by Henan Provincial Education Commission, is also directed to nominate foreigners as regular trainees in this institute. This International Shaolin Kung Fu Trainee Service Center provides educational services to self and provides housing facilities for its international trainees.


Longwe Kung Fu Center

Longwu Kung Fu Center is one of the best and the most popular and most popular martial arts training centers in Shanghai. Equipped with more detailed training areas, safety mats, wooden dummy and a wide range of weapons, it is an ideal place for all ages and martial arts students of standards.

This center is located in the center of Shanghai on South Maoming Road, Longwang Kung Fu Center is easily accessible to people working in the city. Classes are taught in both English and Chinese languages and complete all levels through the student’s advanced and competitive levels through a complete startup. All classes in Longwang Kung Fu are taught by trainers who have been carefully selected for their expertise, professionalism and teaching skills. And obviously, for their patience, dedication and martial arts love, this is the reason that the quality of these teachers attracts the students coming from all over the world to come to this center and to train them.


Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy

Shi Xingquo, the 32nd student of Shiya Lynn Monk of 1995, Shaping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, started. It is the only martial arts school in China’s places, i.e. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Leoneaning expatriates who open the way to foreigners. It has taught about 2,000 foreigners from more than 50 countries such as the US, German, Norway, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Denmark, Argentina.

The Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy is an open space to study in a beautiful environment. In a building that can accommodate more than 500 people, there is a one-meter canteen, in this 2,000 square meter interior practice hall and the field of practice in the jungle.

This Martial Arts Academy has rented an experienced trainer from Henan Shaolin Temple, which is an area of martial arts and the other also trains outstanding coaches who won medals in national games. Also, this martial art collaborated with other martial arts associations from abroad and established branches in America, Holland, Australia and other countries.


Chengiao Martial Arts College

Chenjiagou was founded by Martial Arts College Grandmaster Wang Xi’an, which is the 19th generation successor of Chen Shi Taiji and is an internationally advanced level Wushu judge. He is currently the Director of the Academy. Wang Zhan is the Jun Guinness Record holder and is acting director and chief coach for the Academy. Together they bring their experiences in these arts and leadership as well as provide them with a group of highly trained teachers and coaches as well as their experiences.

Chenjiagou was a multi-million-dollar project on the construction of Martial Arts College, which was estimated at 8,000,000 RMB. It has an area of 30 acres of area with art facilities including classrooms and teaching facilities, administrative office, a modern cafeteria, an indoor martial arts training facility, exercise yard, advanced language study center, medical / nursing facilities, laundry facilities and shopping. Includes.

The center is also the largest of its kind and it is situated in a pleasant environment and its staff has made well as martial arts by making outstanding teachers, making an appropriate place for the study of academic curriculum.In the last one year, the Chengigao Martial Arts College has proven many high-level students who are now in Japan, France, Spain, Beijing Sports Academy, Wuhan Sports Academy, Shanghai Sports Academy and many other cities in China.


Beijing Shaolin Wushu School

Beijing Shali Wushu School established in 1991, Beijing Shali Wushu School is a modern way of new-style wushu school, which takes the school on primary, junior middle and senior higher education, which is approved by the responsible educational institution. There is a philosophy of the art of wushu in the school and the importance of cultural education is important. It focuses on the quality of education and the direction of specific education.

Beijing Shului Wushu School has Wushu’s outstanding art, who gets a bachelor’s degree from renowned universities and has a theoretical and practical experience. Many students have graduated and have been nominated infamous colleges and universities. A large number of Vushu talents have been given for the cultivation and society of this school of art.

Beijing Shali Wushu School has classes which are fully equipped with modern power equipment and include a large-scale training hall and specialty restaurants, all of which provide students an ideal environment for study and life.


So, these are the top five Kung Fu schools in China and for more information, please do not hesitate to comment on your point of view.



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